Photo Guide

The Quality of photo that I receive has a huge impact on the end result of the portrait that I can drawe, so there are a few key factors to consider.


The best photos are taken outdoors, in clear natural light and avoiding too many shadows. If your photo must be taken indoors, try to ensure as much natural light as possible and have your pet looking towards a light source such as a window.

Clear features and fur direction.

Try to make sure that all features such as eyes, nose and whiskers are visible as well as the direction of the fur.

Focus and Clarity

Is the picture in focus and showing crisp detail?

Distance from the camera

Make sure your pet is close enough to the camera , so to take up the majority of the frame.

True Colour

Is the photo a true representation of your pet's fur and eyes?


Ideally have your pet looking at the camera or slightly to the left or right. The most successful portraits are drawn from photos which show excellent details and highlights in the eyes.

The More the Merrier

I encourage clients to send multiple photos so that together, we can be sure to find that perfect one for your commission.

Pets that have passed away

If you are looking at commissioning a portrait of a pet who has sadly passed away, I understand that you may have limited photos available. Please send me as many photos as you can and we can work through them together. I will need to see photos of pets that have passed before I accept your commission to ensure that I can produce a quality drawing from your photos.